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Our Company Process

For each project we develop a timeline that will guide you through our process. Communication is key during the entire process of your project. When information is needed from your company, we will contact the appropriate person and work with them through that current phase. As long as communication continues to flow, we are confident we will finish your project in the timeline presented in the proposal. 

Our Process


The first step or phase in our website development process would be planning. This is a big stage because it lays out the basis for your project. We will discuss with you what you would like included in the website in regards to pages, content, photos and more.

design website


During the design phase of development, your website starts to take shape. Your unique and visual content is created at this step. This can include custom graphics, images, photos, videos and other media…the information that was gathered during the planning phase.

website development


Once designs layouts have been approved the website will move on to development. During the phase you will receive a link to the new website that is being developed. You will be able to “watch” the website take its form and test the features being developed.

website content


While the developers are building out the website, we will work with you on gathering the content for each page of the website. You can provide to us the content for each page, or we have content writers on staff that are able to produce the content for you.

testing the website


Once the website is full designed & developed, content has been added to each page, we will send to you for your internal testing. At this point you can send back any changes you would like to see made  to your new website.

website going live

Going Live

Once the testing phase is completed, we will schedule a time to launch your new website. This is not a long process but we do want to make sure we have everything in place before launching the new website.

website maintenance


After you launch your website, our sales team will stay in contact with you to make sure you are happy with your website and to see if there are any additional things that you would like to add or enhance after the launch of the site.

online marketing

Online Marketing 

Now that you have a website it is important that the website is found. Our Search Engine Optimization team will touch base with you to let you know what can be done to increase your companies presence throughout the internet.