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Search Engines can be confusing to understand & for many business owners, SEO is perplexing and over complicated. We want to help you understand search engines a little better so that in turn you can be more successful with more understanding in your business and SEO endeavor. So, here are 5 quick and simple tips that will help you and your understanding of search engines.

1. Search Engines do 2 things: Crawl & Index.

So, what does that mean? First, Moz.com compares a search engine crawling your site to a subway, everything is connected. They will investigate your content, going from page to page, checking links, images, paths, load times, and everything else. Second, indexing is simply the rank that Google or other search engines give your website based on relevance and popularity for any given phrase or keyword that is searched for by a user.

2. Algorithms are constantly changing.

Although never confirmed, Google is said to change and tweak their algorithms DAILY! That’s right, daily! Many people get worried because they don’t know when Google is making these changes, as they don’t inform us when algorithms are changing. But, not to worry, unless you are practicing some shady SEO, you will not be affected much by these small tweaks and changes. (most of the time)

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3. Search Engines are not senseless.

…and they’re only getting smarter. Things like keyword stuffing and duplicate content, bad SEO tactics like that get noticed by search engines. Not only do they take note of these bad SEO tactics, but many times and most times, you will get penalized and keep note of your track record going forward. These things are not easily forgotten and can really affect your website and companies rank going forward.

4. Quality over quantity is noted.

Search Engines as they crawl your page, check on things like readability, content value, etc. This is all to make sure that the content will be applicable for consumers. It’s important to realize and note that the content on your website is not taken lightly. As a business owner making sure that your content is useful, and provides something valuable to society is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your website today!

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5. Speed is Critical.

Don’t ever sacrifice speed. Page speed is a crucial part of your rank with search engines. Just a second delay in load time can change your bounce rate drastically, and make it much harder to keep consumers on your site. That higher bounce rate can affect your search engine ranks pretty significantly. Long story short, pay attention to speed, you won’t regret it.

We hope these search engine tips have been helpful for your company’s SEO and other marketing endeavors. Contact us for help getting started with SEO!

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