What's New for Social Media Marketing? | Spectrum Net Designs

Social Media is constantly changing, therefore, so is social media marketing.

It is important for your business to stay ahead of the game and know what’s coming up for important marketing strategies. Here, we try to help you improve you social media marketing before it’s too late.


Videos have been growing in importance for marketing purposes. The popularity growth has been increased because of its ability to engage the visitors. Videos have been shown to receive higher engagement, including things like more likes, retweets, comments, and shares. Live streaming has also made videos for marketing popular, especially on facebook and even Instagram.


Instagram and Snapshat stories are examples of video importance. It is easy to share these videos with followers and receive engagement back. Instagram stories are becoming way more popular than snapchat stories, with over 50 million more users than Snapchat. Instagram stories are only one year old. At this rate, more than half of all Instagram users will be using Instagram stories. This is one-way businesses can showcase their business.

The important strategy behind video marketing is to tie it to your writing content. This is a critical part of marketing strategy in 2018.


Short viewing of content

Like stated above, Instagram and Snapchat stories are very popular. This is an example of short viewing content. The content goes away after the viewer looks at it or a period of 24 hours. This content is most popular with Millennials and Generation Z, who are growing up and are now part of the business world. If your audience is of this age, focus your energy on this type of marketing.

Customers see it as more authentic than sponsored ads.

Content disappears in a matter of hours, so audiences take a fast reaction for fear of missing out.

Users can easily access content

Customer service via social media (Chatbox)

With this software application, customers no longer have to wait for an answer to their question. With social media, customers can receive an immediate answer. Remember to still always be polite though, even on social media.

short content marketing

With these small ideas, you social media marketing game can improve drastically. Remember, it is always important to know your target audience, as this can impact your marketing strategy. Contact us today for social media marketing help!