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What is Your E-Commerce Website Doing to Sell to the Consumer?

We live in a world where convenience reigns, and because of that the ecommerce economy is growing like never before, and we live in a world where brick and mortar are dropping like flies, we’ve decided to put together the top most successful 10 ecommerce tips to help your business start selling more effectively today.

The one thing to remember is you can’t just get up one morning and start selling, we aren’t telling you that you can sell in one day.  An e-commerce business and website  takes planning and execution to a new level in this market.  This is a plan to assist your current e-commerce website grow and prosper in a crowded market of thousands of competitive online retailers.

  1. Don’t rush your websites launch.

Whether you are launching a new site or re-launching a newly redesigned website. First impressions are everything and there are many aspects to consider when launching a new website, page structure, design, SEO, page optimization, social media marketing and so much more. Make sure that you have spent a substantial amount of time on each piece from planning to strategy to completion…after all YOLO (you only launch once)

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2. Don’t Fear Change.

Change is what makes the world go around. The online e-commerce world will forever be changing, and businesses who sell online are used to the constant change and need for change. Do your research, change your marketing strategies to your audience and market, recognize what needs need to be met. Sometimes the need to increase your services will meet the need and sometimes not. Do your best to research and meet them with your product and services you provide to keep them coming back.

3.  Tell your businesses story.

No detail is ever to small.  Consumers want to know your story, on a personal level. Telling the story of your business or even your product will build trust with your customer and can lead to an increased rate of conversion. A lot of products are created by an emotional or process that comes from inspiration or supporting an objective, and that is what drives people to buy.

4. Utilize social media and free resources.

Many think social media is free…it is far from free in any aspect.  Your time is worth money and so is your planning and strategy efforts.  Yes the account is free to sign up, but that is about it. There are many free resource out there that can be of great help to your business.  Studies show that generally people spend between 2 and 3 hours on social media in any one given day, and business’ will spend sometimes double that to have a successful campaign or post.  That’s time that they could be seeing your product and business in their feed! It doesn’t matter if you are big or small. Get on a schedule to post and use the built in network that social media provides.

5. Know your customers and online audience.

With an online shop, we realize you cannot actually on a personal level know each of your customers, but it’s your job to know what they want, what’s the needs they want filled, find out what’s important to them, and use that information to fill their needs. 

6. Turn the focus back to the consumer.

We all love to be appreciated, so appreciate your customer. Find a unique way to make your buyers feel important and that they are a cherished part of your business. Whether it is a rewards program, weekly give away, gift cards, find out what your consumers want most and make the most of it for them.

7. Use photos and visual elements.

We are visual beings, and people know what they like. Now this shouldn’t devalue any verbiage or descriptions that you put on your site for your products…but the two should go hand in hand. Make sure you put your best foot forward with visual marketing, design, and product packaging, to showcase the best pieces of your product with photos that will show your buyers EXACTLY what they are getting and how it fills a need.

8. Understand what optimization or seo is about.

SEO is a big deal, Google is a big deal, but it’s also not a hard thing to get to know what will make your business more successful. Even if you don’t learn the methods – read about it and understand the basics. There are many free resources out today to help you get familiar with Search Engine Optimization, and how you can use the process to make sure your business is succeeding to the best of its ability.

Here are a few of our favorite free SEO resources: MOZ & Yoast

9. Provide easy to pay and user website options.

The more user friendly the site is, the more consumers will use your website.  People don’t like to jump through hoops for things they like, they don’t like jumping through hoops period…so don’t make them. Provide payment options and an easy to use website that people are familiar with and trust. This can make a big difference when it comes to your customer clicking the “confirm order” button and turning the prospect into a customer.

10. Make sure your site is mobile friendly.

Studies show that over 70% of online shopping is done on a mobile device rather than a desktop. Make sure that your consumers are able to shop with ease from the comfort of their palm…it matters! Mobile friendly and mobile responsive websites are trending more and more, and if you leave your customers without a way to take you on the go with them, you will most likely be left behind and lost the sale.  Providing a mobile responsive website isn’t complicated, in fact your website provider should offer this in conjunction with your current website development process.

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We hope that these 10 different Ecommerce Tips are helpful in order to get you and your business rolling and selling today. Check out some other great articles on how to make sure you are making the most of your ecommerce journey.

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