Ravi Patel

Software Developer
P: 616.538.2914
F: 616.538.5691
T: 866.773.2638

Born and raised in Michigan, Ravi graduated from Michigan State University in 2019, and has been working in the business of digital experience management ever since. Ravi is a perceptive, innovative, and altruistic leader in the IT, sales, and start-up categories. He is certified in cloud computing, software development, data governance, and security. Ravi serves as a technical writer, researcher, analyst, and volunteer in his passion areas of information science, digital marketing, development and operations. He is a creative lead, balancing multiple projects, and is always focused on optimizing productivity – with a penchant for continuous innovation, securing rapid growth, and providing superb user experiences. When he’s not working, Ravi enjoys creative writing, reading (paper) books, being in nature, music, shopping, and competitive gaming. He’s also a pretty great snowboarder, has a giant collection of now-obsolete CDs, and loves playing the piano.

"In the depths of winter I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer" -Albert Camus