olivia sathyadass

Olivia Sathyadass

SEO Specialist/Marketing Assistant
P: 616.538.2914
F: 616.538.5691
T: 866.773.2638

Olivia is an SEO Specialist & marketing for Spectrum and Auctioneer Software. She graduated from Unity Christian High School in 2014 and joined our team in August of 2018 with past work in Marketing, Sales, and Customer service. Olivia enjoys photography, spending time with her family, and loves the Spanish language. She recently finished a year in Argentina in a bilingual program and hopes to use her Spanish in ministry with her church.

"The "show business," which is so incorporated into our view of Christian work today, has caused us to drift far from Our Lord's conception of discipleship. It is instilled in us to think that we have to do exceptional things for God; we have not. We have to be exceptional in ordinary things, to be holy in mean streets, among mean people, surrounded by sordid sinners. That is not learned in five minutes."  -Oswald Chambers