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Everything we’re expecting to see at Google’s big Pixel hardware event | By David Nield



Apple, Samsung and all the other major tech companies have unveiled their flagship products for 2017, which leaves just one big name outstanding: Google. The company has got a press event in the calendar though, scheduled for Wednesday, the 4th of October.

Starting at 9 am in San Francisco (that’s 5pm in the UK), we’re expecting to see some new phones, a new Chromebook, a new version of Google Home, and maybe a few bonus surprises as well (like an updated Daydream View). Read on to learn about all the rumors.

Most of the attention will be on the new 2017 Pixel phones Google has got lined up. Like last year, it sounds like both a smaller and a larger handset are on the way – look out for one handset with a screen around 5 inches in size, and one with a screen that goes all the way up to 6 inches

According to some sources, Google is ready to adopt the 18:9, minimal bezel design used in the Galaxy S8 and several other phones this year too.

We’ve seen plenty of other leaks over the last few months, and most are pointing to squeezable sides as an alternative input option (just like the HTC U11), an upgraded camera, and some special photo effects for good measure, like that bokeh effect or blurred background that seems to be everywhere at the moment.

Price-wise, the Pixel 2 has been tipped to start at $649 (roughly £485) with the Pixel 2 XL available for $849 (roughly £630) and up. Those are straight currency conversions but the UK price is likely to be considerably higher than those would suggest.

New Chromebook


Also heading our way on Wednesday, if the rumors are to be believed, is a brand new Chromebook called the Pixelbook. Apparently it’s coming with 128GB, 256GB or 512GB of internal storage, with prices starting at $1,199 (roughly £895).

That’s a lot to pay for a computer that’s basically just a web browser, but Google has form in this area – it’s released two premium-priced Chromebook Pixels in years gone by, though we had been led to believe the company wasn’t planning another one.

Now it seems Google is ready to return with an expensive, flagship Chromebook with slightly rejigged Pixel branding to fit in with all the other Pixel stuff it makes now. Reports say the laptop will also be able to work in a tablet mode, and there’s an optional $99 (£75) stylus on the way too, making this a proper Surface Pro competitor.

It of course makes sense for Google to have its own-brand Chromebook line, but don’t expect these to fly off the shelves – like the Chromebook Pixels before it, the Pixelbook is likely to be a reference design for all the other manufacturers to aspire to.


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