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Android Email Support for BlueMail Mobile App

A Step-by-Step Guide: Android Mobile Email Setup on Smartphone

First you will want to have the Blue Mail App downloaded on your phone

You can download it here or from the image on the right side of the screen >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Prior to completing below steps.. please be sure you:

Replace “” with your email address.

Replace “” with “mail” + your website domain

If your domain isn’t working, you can use 

If you would rather print off the instructions for easier reading you can find the PDF document with the below blue icon. 

This document contains screenshots of each step for easy to follow instructions to complete Android mobile email setup.

****LET’S START!****

  1. After you Install “Blue Mail” android app and have your username, passwords and website domain ready.
  2. Open the Blue Mail App on your mobile device.
  3. Choose “Add Other Account”
  4. Choose “Other Email”
  5. It will ask you to enter your information with a checkbox to automatically detect; DO NOT use this it rarely works.
    • Unclick “Automatic” Check Box
    • Enter your full “Email Address” and “Password” 
    • Click “Next”
  6. Choose “IMAP”
  7. Incoming Server Settings Screen (these fields will not automatically populate, please have them handy)
    • Incoming Server Settings
    • Username: (type in)
    • Password: (type in) ******
    • IMAP Server: (type in) “”
      • Here is where you use your or use default
    • Security: (dropdown) Choose “StartTLS”
    • Authentication: (dropdown) Choose “CRAM_MD5”
    • Port: (type in) “143”
    • Click “Next”
  8. It will now check those settings and move on to next screen
  9. Outgoing Server Settings screen will appear (these fields will not automatically populate, please have them handy)
    • Outgoing Server Settings
    • SMTP Server (type in) “”
      • Here is where you use your or use default
    • Security: (dropdown) “StartTLS”
    • Port: (type in) “587”
    • Choose “Require Sign-in” Check Box
      • Have the checkbox filled as we DO require sign-in authentication
    • Authentication: (dropdown) “Automatic”
    • Username: (type in)
    • Password: (type in)  *******
      • Same password as your incoming email password 
    • Click “Next”
  10. It will now check your settings and authenticate your email information
  11. You’re Almost Done (screen)
    • Enter your “Full Name”
      • This will be the name that will be presented when sending out an email
    • Enter a description for the account.
      • For example work, school, personal
      • This is how your account will be presented to you in the account list
    • Click “Done”
  12. Account Notifications (screen)
    • Instant Push Notifications
      • Choose “Push”
    • Notifications Mode
      • Choose “All”
    • Click “Done”

***Welcome to BlueMail***